How It Works

The way this works is simple:

1. We Find the Free Samples!

We're a team of freebie hunters scouring the web everyday looking for all the latest free samples and stuff, and then we post the info and links to these goodies on our website each and every day!

2. You Claim the Free Samples!

When you find a delicious freebie on our site, click the link to go to the website giving out the freebie and snap it up! Most of the time the company giving away the free sample will send it to you in the post.

The Quick & Easy Way to Find the Latest Free Samples

As well as updating our site each and every day with the latest free samples, we also send out our FREE VIP Freebie of the Week newsletter once a week to our subscribers!

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Here's a few common questions we get asked:

How do you give out so much free stuff?

We don't give out any free samples, we just link to those that do!

Why do these companies give out this free stuff?

Companies give out free samples of their products in the hope that you will like the products and purchase them in the future. It is a way of advertising their stuff! Big companies often give out many thousands of free product samples!

After I apply for my freebie, when will I receive it?

We can't give you an exact delivery date because it is not us giving out the freebie, but usually you will get it within 28 days. But don't fret! All the details will be on the freebie page! If in doubt, send the freebie vendor an email and they should get back to you!

I applied for a freebie but didn't get anything, now what?

If you have waited the required time and still haven't got your freebie then just apply again for the same freebie or shoot them an email to see where it is. Please don't send us an email asking where your freebie is because remember it isn't us giving out the free samples, we just link to those that do!

I don't really like giving out my email address, is there any solution?

Yes! If you don't want to give out your email address when applying for a freebie then you can simply create another email account that you just use for applying for free samples!